aprile 2012

Kaki tree planted in Zavidovici

The LDA Zavidovici has organised a visit of the Zavidovici delegation to the twin city of Roncadelle, Italy. The delegation was composed from the representatives of three high schools from Zavidovici, basketball club ‘Krivaja’ Zavidovici, and the Association ”Sadnice Mira – Peace Trees” from Zavidovici. The purpose of the trip [...]

Kaki tree for Zavidovici

In the period from 14th to 17th April, LDA Zavidovići is organizing a visit of delegation from Zavidovići to the twining town Roncadelle. Delegation will participate in the ceremony of planting the Kaki tree in Trieste and Roncadelle as a symbol of peace in the world. In the presence of [...]

Vivicitta’ again in Zavidovići

The 15th street race Vivicitta’ will happen in Zavidovici on the 8th April. The international event, whose general sponsor is the UISP (Unione Italiana Sport per tutti / Italian organization Sport for All), it takes place in 90 cities around the world, and also in  Zavidovići since 1998. On this [...]