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Budd Camp 2014

L’edizione 2014 Budd Camp rappresenta un punto di svolta. Prende infatti spunto dal libro di Italo Calvino Lezioni Americane, e sui principi contenuti in quest’opera si riallacceranno anche le due edizioni successive (2015 e 2016). Le Lezioni americane offrono appunti utili per orientarsi nelle trasformazioni che apparivano davanti ai suoi [...]

Budd Camp 2013

The Good City “And you know that in the long journey ahead of you, when to keep awake against the camel’s swaying or the junk’s rocking, you start summoning up your memories one by one, your wolf will have become another wolf, your sister a different sister, your battle other [...]

Budd Camp 2012

Towards Euphemia City “This is exactly what happens to a foreigner. There isn’t a doubt that he takes a talent which is a signi cant part of our identity. It is important not to forget it: we can de ne our identity only in relation with the other, and the [...]

Budd Camp 2011

Introduction (by Agostino Zanotti*) Towards Euphemia: Thoughts on the City and its Citizens We have crossed together, during these days of the students’ visit, the doors of Eupemia City. It has been a good occasion to compare words, thoughts, expe- riences of everyone, linking them to places of a city: [...]