The project aims at fostering local economic development, supporting local agricultural and hand-crafted production. Besides this, the project is focused on developing a strong local food culture through educational programs, networking opportunities and increased availability of locally grown food.


  • Definition of farming plans for each farmer;
  • Production of small plants and seeding of the first new varieties, and distribution among selected farmers;
  • Setting up a selling point;
  • Scholarships for two students of agriculture for Faculty in Sarajevo

The first goal of the project has been achieved through demonstrating diversification of agricultural products in the selected areas of each involved farm. In 2011 the LDA Zavidovici succeeded in diversifying products and increasing the household incomes of 25 targeted farmer  families through training, consultancy, technical support, and creation of market links with buyers, and in creating opportunitis to grow and sell locally.

Partners: Local associations of farmers from Zavidovici and Zepce (BiH); Association Buona Terra, UniversitY of Padua, Italian Universities Consortium on Environmental Sciences (CINSA), CRPV of Cesena

Donors: Lombardia Region, CGIL of Crema, Municipality of Roncadelle, Province of Cremona