Purpose: To increase cooperation between Italian and Bosnian stakeholders in the field of waste management.
Realisation of a pilot action on recycling;
Implementation of an ecological area for the separation of recyclable materials;
Study visit to Italy;
Wide educational program in the schools and an informative campaign;
Exchange of best practices between the municipalities of Alba and Zavidovici;
Socio-economic analysis of informal waste collection by Roma population in Zavidovici.
The results of the project actions include raised awareness on waste management among public and private subjects, reinforced level of competences of administrators and technicians from Zavidovici Municipality, and initiated separation of recyclable materials in cooperation with local Roma community and schools.
Timing: 2010 – present
Partners: Municipality of Zavidovici, JKP „Radnik“ Zavidovici (BiH); Municipality of Alba, ERICA Alba, Cetamb Brescia (Italy)
Donors: Region Piemonte, Municipality of Alba (Italy)