LDA Zavidovici is active member of the Coalition for prevention of incidents motivated by prejudices „KULTURA MIRA – CULTURE OF PEACE“, that was formed at the beginning of 2014 in Zavidovici. The local Coalition is part of wider national network SuperCitizens with participation of representatives of civil society, local communities and individuals working on the prevention of incidents and crimes of hate and contributing to the process of reconciliation. SuperCitizens come together in a coalition to combat hate, basing its unique work on the premise that real change begin at the local level.
The most recent activity of the local Coalition was a promotional stand that was set up at the center of the city during the 19th September 2014, with the aim to promote the Coalition and the values it stands for. Objectives of local coalitions are to:

  • Strengthen positive climate for living in municipality of Zavidovici;
  • Reduceemphasized differencesamong various groupsin the community;
  • Strengthenthe roleof women and youthin the fightagainst prejudicesin the community
  • Create mechanisms forjoint actionof the citizensof Zavidovici

Activities of the Coalition are supported by OSCE Mission to BiH in cooperation with Foundation for New Communication DOKUKINO that has in 2013 developed a new tool for citizens to report hate motivated incidents, responses to these incidents and initiatives aimed at their prevention.