LDA Zavidovici started the implementation of the project „Strenghtening the role of women in public and political life – Phase II“, in cooperation with the Council of Europe and USAID, in September 2014.
As a part of the project there was five workshops on this topic – in Kovaci, Mecevici, Vikovici, Krivaja, and Zavidovici (city). Besides the workshops, by the end of october there will be also street campaigns, where promotional materials and symbolic gifts will be distributed for women.
The goal of the project is to strenghten awareness of women about their role in the society, and to encourage them to think about how they can, through engaging in public and political life, influence the improvement of the situation in their community. Also, women who take part in the workshops and street campaigns will fill an anonymous questionnaires, which will be used for an comprehensive analysis of the status of women in BiH, conducted by the Council of Europe.
The five workshops were very successful, as they gathered more than 100 women and youth who actively participated and were satisfied with the activities. It is expected to cover around 400 women in total with educational materials and the survey, including the activity of street campaigns.
This is the second year of the project for LDA Zavidovici, and we hope to continue the cooperation with the Council of Europe in the future.