In occasione del ventennale celebrato lo scorso 11 luglio, ecco alcuni articoli utili per comprendere la portata di quei tragici avvenimenti.
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Infographic Provides Latest Facts and Figures on Srebrenica Genocide

Srebrenica Jail Sentences: 630 Years and Counting: International and Bosnian courts have so far sentenced a total of 37 people to around 630 years in prison for genocide and other crimes against Bosniaks from Srebrenica 20 years ago.
Srebrenica oggi
Srebrenica: Dreaming in the Ruins
Young people who grew up in the aftermath of the massacres 20 years ago in the once-affluent Bosnian spa town of Srebrenica have little to look forward to but the chance of escape.

“Mayor Durakovic doesn’t understand why anybody would want to invest in local entrepreneurs instead of industry. “It sounds nice to westerners, ‘start-ups’, but there is no market for them,” he says.
He isn’t happy with the way the aid money was spent in Srebrenica either because he thinks that jobs are the biggest priority for the city, more important than psycho-social support and reconciliation.
“We have learned to live with each other a long time ago, different cultures have lived next to each other long before the west could. They can learn from us. If a westerner with a high salary brings us together to sit in a circle and talk, the people laugh at him silently. We need factories instead of psychologists,” he says.”

La comunità internazionale

il testo adottato dal Parlamento Europeo il 9 luglio 2015

il dibattito al consiglio di sicurezza dopo il fallimento dell’adozione di una Risoluzione su Srebrenica

Perché non si intervenne?
le ultime notizie da un giornale olandese (29 giugno 2015)
sul non intervento internazionale nei giorni dei massacri a Srebrenica

L’importante inchiesta di Florence Hartmann and Ed Vulliamy, How Britain and the US decided to abandon Srebrenica to its fate.

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