On the 22nd December 2016,  LDA Zavidovići organized activity “Young taking the day” in the frame of Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue.
The “Youth taking over day” was structured as an activity in which young people, representative of the Secondary schools students councils from Zavidovici have the opportunity to talk and ask questions to Mr. Hašim Mujanović, new elected mayor of municipality of Zavidovici, and to Mr. Idriz Alihodžić his assistant from social affairs department.
During the conversation with young people, municipality mayor Mr. Hašim Mujanovic expressed his words of support for young people in achieving their rights, also, he said that the Mayor’s Office is ready to cooperate with young people and to listen suggestions and proposals from young people for creation of a better environment for young people in Zavidovici. He informed participants that local administration during 2017 is going to start to work on new “Youth Strategy of Municipality Zavidovici” and  that a working group need to be made of young people like representatives of high school students.
Mr. Idriz Alihodžić, mayor’s assistant for social affairs, responded to participants questions regarding the establishing of the “Youth Council” of Zavidovici, then the youth strategy, which expired in 2015, youth sports, support from the Municipality in the formation of associations of young people, opportunities for scholarships for high school students, the infrastructure problems that the high school students encounter in their schools, then the conditions for the realization of youth entrepreneurship, the cooperation of the Municipality with donors in which focus are young people.
During the meeting the Local Advisory Group presented proposals, which are result of the workshop “Youth City – My City”, regarding the planning and improvement of public sports playgrounds in Zavidovici, and their vision of how those playgrounds should look. Also, the High school students councils, local team of Association of the high school students and an informal group of young people “Optimus” presented their activities and projects.
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