Young people from Zavidovici draw a mural with the image of Hasan Kikić, famus BH writer. The mural has been drawn on the building of the city library.
This activity is the second part of the project “I want to learn outside of school,” which is supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and implemented by the LDA Zavidovići.
Mural drew Jasmin Imamovic artist from Zavidovici.
The action was attended by students from all three high schools from ​​the Municipality of Zavidovici, in addition to contributions to the drawing mural students have cleaned the park and the area around the library.
– The second part of our project aimed to give to young people the opportunity to show activism, practical application and thus contribute to the local community, and at the same time promote the type of art that is underrepresented in the area of ​​our municipality. We hope that this is one of many initiatives of this type, said Amar Buljubašić, project coordinator.
This project aims to restore the memory of Hasan Kikić, the largest BH writers who had contact with the Zavidovici, Hasan Kikić has spent a part of his life working as a teacher in today’s elementary school “Hajderovići”, which once bore his name.
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