The 4th Regional network meeting was organized in Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina in period of 22.-25.02.2017. This is the first activity that was implemented in this 3rd year from the forming of the Balkan regional network within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue.
The delegates of 8 Local Democracy Agencies together with the youth workers involved in the project reflected on the past year’s activities and created an action plan for the implementation of the activities in 2017. In 2016, several activities were implemented in the participating municipalities, such as the Regional forum for local democracy, My City – Youth City, Youth taking over day, research on a regional level etc.
This year, the activities will continue to be implemented on a local and regional level. Among others, a Regional forum for local democracy will be organized in Peja, Kosovo and a regional research on the topic of cultural participation will be conducted.
The general objective of the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue is to encourage youth participation and to foster a dialogue between Local authorities and CSOs. The platform is funded by the European Union, and it is implemented by 8 Local Democracy Agencies in 5 Balkan countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo.
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