Fondazione Intesa Sanpaolo from Italy supported the project “Development of family gardens in the Municipality of Zavidovići in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The project will be implemented between March and September 2017 with the intention of contributing to decentralized cooperation, the relationship between territories and social inclusion.
The Family Garden project is aimed at women who are already engaged in agriculture for their own needs and small-scale sales. The aim is to improve quality and productivity through learned agricultural techniques in collective workshops and field visits. This positive experience also has a major impact on the forms of socialization and cooperation of women who joined the project, who will be able to continue to use the learned knowledge independently.
Planned activities:

  1. Support to women who are engaged in family gardens in the local communities of Mahoj, Ribnica and Dolina
  • Collective meetings for lectures of agronomists in selected local communities
  • Technical visits to family gardens
  • Contribution for the procurement of various gardening materials for women who participated in the education
  1. Support in green houses production for users of LDA projects
  • Maintenance of greenhouses and procurement of materials for the production of seedlings
  • Production and sale of seedlings
  1. Support creation of Slow Food Convivium

The direct beneficiaries of the project will be 60 women from the area of selected local communities and the activities will be realized in cooperation with local associations and informal groups of women, especially the Association “Sigurno mjesto” Zavidovići, which will be followed by volunteers at every stage of the project.
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