In the frame of the project “Development of family gardens in the municipality of Zavidovići in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, LDa Zavidovići organized workshops for women engaged in agricultural production for their own use and small scale sale in the areas of the villages: Ribnica, Dolina and Mahoje.
During month of May 2017, local agronomist Ivan Antunović gave lectures on the topic of growing seasonal vegetables in open air and greenhouses, cultivation of berries, fruit and organic production. After the lecture, all participants will have technical support for providing advices by the agronomists, which will be followed by field visits to their plantations of fruits and vegetables.
Fondazione Intesa Sanpaolo from Italy supported the project “Development of family gardens in the Municipality of Zavidovići in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The project will be implemented between March and September 2017 with the intention of contributing to decentralized cooperation, the relationship between territories and social inclusion.
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