The summer recreation center for children “STRANI VARI” is held in the period from 24th July  to 4th August 2017 in two city primary schools (First and Second Elementary School Zavidovići) and in four schools in rural areas (Gostović, Hajderovići, Kovači, Brezik). Work with children from the first through fifth graders is organized through play and creative workshops.
Activities for children last from 8.30 to 12.30, and in the afternoon, activities for young people are held. The participation of children in summer recreation centers is free of charge, and a total of more than 300 children from all schools have been registered.
Activities are implemented by 40 volunteers from Zavidovici and Italy with the help of trained animators to work with children.
In addition to these activities, with the help of acrobats from Turin, during the second week will be organized circus workshops for children in the hall of the first primary schools and one public performance.
The realization of this project has enabled Association Strani Vari through the LDA Zavidovici as an organization for international cooperation with the Municipality of Zavidovici, with the assistance of all elementary schools in the municipality of Zavidovici.
Strani Vari has been traditionally held each summer since 2003 and is designed to make children feel better about themselves and the environment, develop their social skills and have a good time in the summer.
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