Due to the growing interest of our fellow citizens, the Association “Sigurno mjesto” continues with educational workshops for pregnant women and mothers which are part of the project “Sigurno mjesto 2017 – Services and activities for women”.
The realization of the workshops takes place in cooperation with professionals, with the obstetrician who talks about the pregnant women and the newborns, the role of obstetrician during childbirth, breastfeeding, then with a gynecologist who speaks about conception, stages of pregnancy, types of childbirth, nutrition and medicines in pregnancy, unwanted complications and prevention, and a pediatrician who responds to the questions in the field of pediatrics about the procedure in the hospital after the baby is born, vaccination, medical examinations, symptoms to which special care should be addressed, etc.
The autumn cycle of educational workshops will be enriched by a visit by another expert.  We plan to organize a workshop with the guest speaker who will be a specialist in psychiatry, and some of the topics will be:

  • How to get rid of fear before birth?
  • How does stress affect pregnancy and fetus?
  • Anxiety and depression in pregnancy?
  • The importance of pregnancy courses- Postpartum depression (causes, how to recognize, methods of treatment)?
  •  What is baby blues?
  •  Parenting – new role in life …

Association “Sigurno mjesto” Zavidovići has been operating since 2011 and aims to strengthen the role of women in society through educational workshops, gathering women of various profiles, self-help groups and other forms of support for women, and as such, in the future, plans to implement courses for pregnant women and mothers .
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