The constitutive session of the Youth Council of Zavidovići was held on February 16, 2018, at the LDA Zavidovići. The Youth Council was founded on the initiative of four non-governmental organizations from Zavidovići and represents an umbrella municipal organization for representing the interests of young people.

The Youth Council of Zavidovici consists of four non-governmental organizations, the Local Democracy Agency, the Association of Citizens “”, the Center for Culture, Education and Creative Development – Ceker and SKU “Duh-Animus”.
The Council will deal with creation of a better situation of youth in the Zavidovici municipality and increasing the participation of young people in making decisions of importance for young people. Also, the Youth Council will be a link between the associations and its members with local authorities and in this way will achieve greater participation of young people in social trends.
The Youth Council will help and serve all youth organizations in the municipality of Zavidovici through involvement in the work of the Council and engagement in project activities, particularly in raising the awareness of young people about social and political activism. The Youth Council is open to cooperation with all youth and youth organizations from Zavidovići.
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