On the 12th March 2017, LDA Zavidovici organized activity “Youth taking over day” as a channel of communication between local authorities and young people established within the project “Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue” in the Municipality of Zavidovici.

The topic of the event was „Youth council’s role, legal framework and youth policies“.  The guest speakers were Katarina Vučković, Amela Sačić and Mirela Geko as representatives of the Institute for Youth Development Kult from Sarajevo and Youth Council of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
During the event youth had opportunity to learn about youth policies, legal framework, possibilities to improve their position trough youth councils, possible cooperation with Youth Councils from other municipalities and about the Youth strategy of the Municipality Zavidovici 2018 – 2023.
Also, participants had opportunity to give proposals to newly formed Youth Council of the Municipality of Zavidovici on which topics Youth Council should work, which projects they would like to implement and to address other issues of youth interest.
These meetings present the opportunity for local authorities to consult youth on the issues related to the improvement of their services and local strategies.
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