The race of peace and solidarity “Vivicittá” was held in Zavidovići on Sunday, May 27, 2018. The organizers of the event were the Association “Društvo pedaoga fizičke kulture” Zavidovići in cooperation with the Italian organization UISP Brescia – Cremona with the support of the Zavidovići Municipality and the Local Democracy Agency Zavidovići.
The manifestation was opened by the youngest, children from kindergarten and lower grades of elementary schools. The main section of the race “Vivicitá” is about 10 kilometers long, while the recreational section is 4 kilometers long.
A large number of citizens supported athletes, especially the sports teams from Zavidovići, primarily the handball clubs of RK “Krivaja” and ŽRK “Krivaja”, which responded greatly to this project and supported the event with the participation of over 100 girls and boys.
As every year for this occasion, the delegation of about 40 participants from Italy was in Zavidovići, and the delegation consisted of high school students I.I.S. “Torrians” from Cremona and representatives of sports societies UISP Brescia and UISP Cremona.
In addition to the main event of the race “Vivicittá”, a women’s volleyball tournament was held in which took part women’s volleyball club IIS “Torriani” Cremona, ŽOK “Zavidovići”, ŽOK “Žepče”. Also, friendly matches were held between male volleyball and basketball clubs from Cremona and Zavidovići.
The “Vivicittá” event organized in Zavidovići since 1998 is an occasion for young people from BiH and Italy to meet and spend time together in sports.
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