“White – circus performance”, as a crown for two weeks’ activities of the summer camp “Strani Vari 2018”, was held in the Cultural Center Zavidovići n the 2nd August, 2018.
Strani Vari as a link between young people from Zavidovići and Italy and a summer recreation center for children is being held in Zavidovići for sixteen years.
 Strani Vari as a summer recreation center for children and youth links from Zavidovići and Italy is being held in Zavidovići for sixteen years. The mutual visits of the volunteers developed a long-standing friendship.
Through creative workshops, learning, games, communication and the use of foreign languages, children create habits of responsibility and creativity. Our city was re-colored and new content was offered in a city that missed events and activities for children and young people.
As a preliminary activity, a circus workshop for children and young people, led by professional acrobats from Turin, was held earlier. The performance in the Cultural Center gathered a large number of children and parents. A joint group of 40 animators from Zavidovići and Italy performed a children’s show featuring aerial silk dance, music, ballerina and other activities.
During their stay in Zavidovići, volunteers from Italy visited Stone Spheres, Nature park “Tajan” and visited Sarajevo.
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