Local Democracy Agency Montenegro organized training for 35 youth workers from 8 countries (Western Balkan countries, Croatia and Turkey), in period of 25 – 30 September 2018, in Niksic, Montenegro. The training started with reception of participants in Municipal house in Niksic, where participants had the opportunity to be present at the event „Power and strength of written word„ as program part of the manifestation Days of European cultural heritage.
Training program tended to help strengthening capacities for participation in policy making process of youth workers from the targeted countries, and that young people learn more about the possibilities and ways of participation and involvement in the creation of local policies and actions. By this participants would develop skills to create their own advocacy campaigns, with an acquisition of many tools, skills and knowledge in this field.

In order to provide practical upgrade of the learnt during the training sessions, participants had opportunity to visit Montenegrin Parliament, and to have interactive session with four Montenegrin MPs. Idea behind this visit, that was organized on 27th of September, is to allow young people to exchange opinions with Members of the Parliament regarding youth policies, which is the manner they are created and implemented, and what challenges are in front of state governments and young people in this field, as much as in country that much in the region.
This training aims to improve the skills of youth workers from these countries on the theme of advocacy and lobbying campaigns for youth policies. The training is part of the Youths Advocate project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + programme.
The project is implemented by the Local Democracy Agency Montenegro, and in partnership with Local Democracy Agencies from Mostar, Zavidovici and Prijedor (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Subotica, Knjazevac (Serbia), Kosovo, Brtonigla (Croatia), then ALDA Skopje, Open Doors from Albania, System and Generation from Turkey and the Association of Young Ecologists from Niksic.