The project, funded by the European Union under the “Europe for Citizens” program, “Balkan Kaleidoscope”, was concluded in 2018 in Zavidovići, students learned about the concept of multiperspectivity in history teaching, and the importance of personal stories and narratives seen from different perspectives through the workshops. First workshop was held on the topic „What the young people know about the Yugoslav wars“. In the workshop, using the methods of multiperspectivity, they presented their views on the concepts and events related to the life in Yugoslavia and the events during its breakup. The second workshop was held on the topic “Victory Day – Day of Europe” where students had the task of observing the role of European integration from a multiperspective point of view.
The project aims at helping young people across Europe to better understand the complex and sensitive issues of intercultural and interethnic dialogue while developing teachers’ capacities for applying the methodology of multiperspective history teaching which fosters critical and unbiased thinking.
Please find attached final report summarizing the different stages of the project.