Local democracy agency Zavidovići continues an educational program entitled “Family gardens” for women dealing with agriculture on smaller level.
This year beneficiaries of the project will be participants from the local community of Vozuća. The local community of Vozuća is in the focus as it is one of the most distant and underdeveloped local community in area of Zavidovići municipality.
In first part of April, agronomist Ivan Antunović gave lectures on the topics of growing seasonal vegetables in open air and greenhouses, cultivation of berries, fruit and organic production. After the lectures, the participants will have technical support by the agronomists, which will be followed by field visits to their plantations of fruits and vegetables and distribution of financial contribution for the purchase of materials for the spring sowing (seeds, compost and some small tools)
The direct beneficiaries of the project will be 20 women from the area of Vozuća as selected local community. Activities will be realized in cooperation with local association and informal groups of women.